The Christian Survival Initiative – Defeating Depression – 1 Kings 19:1-18

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Sermon Notes

Defeating Depression

I Kings 19:1-18


Realize Life Moves in Cycles. v. 1-6


The Problem.
  1. Elijah was depleted by victory. v. 1
  2. Elijah was disconcerted by fear. v. 2-3a
  3. Elijah was disabled by isolation. v. 3b-4a
  4. Elijah was devastated by self-pity. v. 4b
  5. Elijah was disappointed. v. 5-6
The Point.


Continue on Anyway. v. 7-10


Commune with the One that is Concerned.  v. 11-14


Care Outside of Yourself. v. 15-18