Elijah – A Trilogy in Time – I Kings 18:1-18

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Sermon Guide for Sunday 070223

A Trilogy in Time

I Kings 18:1-18


I.  Sold Out to God. (Elijah) v. 1-2, 8, 15, 18

  A.  He Started the Course. v. 1-2
  1. It was a Hard Command.
  2. It was a Matter of Obedience.
  3. It Required Faith.
  B.  He Stayed the Course. v. 8, 15

  C.  He Finished the Course. v. 18

II.  Hung Out to Dry. (Obadiah) v. 3-16

  A.  Torn Between Two Worlds. v. 3-6

  B.  Tangible Command. v. 7-15

  C.  Troubled Response. v. 16

III. Way Out of God’s Will. (Ahab) v. 4-5, 17-18

A.  Gutless. v. 4

B.  Prayerless. v. 5

C.  Clueless. v. 17-18