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What We Believe about God-Part 6

Sunday Evening Message by Brother Anthony Counts

What We Believe about God-Part VI

His Nature and His Ways - Continued

  1. God's Ways are Eternal

That which is Finite cannot truly envision the Infinite.  God created us for Eternity, not for  Time.  Therefore we must live for Eternity, not for Time

Gen 1:1-5, Matt 13:30, Duet 33:27, John 5:24, John 17:3

         2. God's Ways are Holy

Holiness is an Uncomfortable attribute to consider because it reminds us of how UnLike God we really are. Rom 3:12  God does not Conform to any standard created by others. He is the Standard.

Holiness is the Centerpiece of God's Attributes.  Of all the things that God is, at the Center of His being, HE is Holy.

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