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What Road are You On

Sunday Morning Message by Pastor Russell Dean

“What Road Are You On?”

1 Corinthians 6: 9-11


1.            Do I Seek Intimacy With Jesus?

                Is He worth giving up everything you have to know Him personally?

                Matthew 13:44

2.            Do I Condone Sin?

                People who are deceived and dominated by sin…

                A.  They don’t see a need to change… Ephesians 4:17

                B.  They don’t want to change… Ephesians 4:18a

                C.  They don’t have to change… Ephesians 4: 18a-19

                D.  They don’t seem able to change… Jeremiah 13:23

                E.  They don’t feel the need to change.

3.            Do I Believe God Can Do It?

                No lifestyle or life-dominating sin is beyond God’s power to forgive and change.

                Luke 4:5

4.            Do I Wish To Obey Daily?

                Galations 5: 22-23

                Romans 6:11

                Romans 6:6, 6:12

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