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Walking Among the Churches - Revelation Study Part 2

Sunday Group Bible Study and Prayer Meeting lead by Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

Revelation Bible Study- Part II

Walking Among the Churches- Part II

Revelation 2:8-11

September 23, 2018 pm


Introduction: The purest Christian lives are those forged in the furnace of adversity.




  1. I.                   The Correspondent

Jesus Christ transcends time, space, and creation.




  1. II.                The Church

This church loved Jesus passionately.

      Their love for Jesus incited hatred.

                  Hatred manifested itself through persecution.

                              Persecution only deepened their love for Jesus.




  1. III.             The Commendation

They were commended for standing tallin spite pf tribulation, poverty,

and blasphemy.




  1. IV.             The Concern

Fittingly, the church of Smryna was on of the two churches that received no rebuke

 in its letter from the Lord Jesus.




  1. V.                The Command

It has always been Satan’s plan to attack God’s children and attempt to destroy their faith.




  1. VI.             The Counsel

The crown of genuine saving faith is eternal life, and perseverance proves the genuineness of our faith.

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