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Walking Among the Churches- Part IV

Sunday Evening Message by Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

Revelation Sermon Series- Part II

Walking Among the Churches- Part IV

Revelation 2:18-29

October 7, 2018


Introduction: The discipline of Christ in the church has two purposes:

  1. 1.      To call sinning believers back to righteous behavior.
  2. 2.      To purge the church of those who stubbornly cling to their sin.



  1. I.                   The Correspondent

Christ approaches the church at Thyatira as righteous judge rather than sympathetic High Priest,

thus, the title “Son of God” is used, instead of “Son of Man”.



  1. II.                The Church

The Lydia of Acts 16:14 may have been instrumental in starting the church at Thyatira, but little is known of its origin.



  1. III.             The Commendation

Christ commended the church for their righteous deeds, which he divided into four categories:

  1. 1.      Love
  2. 2.      Faith
  3. 3.      Service
  4. 4.      Perseverance



  1. IV.             The Concern

The problem was not external persecution, but internal compromise.

It was not vicious wolves from outside the flock, but rather it was perverse people from within the flock.



  1. V.                The Command

The use of the strong word “krateo” (hold fast) indicates that it would not be easy to do, but that it would be worth the effort.



  1. VI.             The Counsel

By our response to temptation, we choose, like Thyatira, either divine blessing or divine judgment.

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