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The Vision of Christ Part II - The Revelation Series

Message by Worship Pastor

Anthony Counts

The Vision of Christ- Part II 

The Revelation Series

Revelation 1:9-20

I.                    The Background for the Vision

The powerful vision of Christ's present ministry to the church must have provided great hope and comfort.


II.                 The Setting for the Vision

It was on a bleak, barren island called Patmos. under brutal conditions, that John received the



III.               The Unfolding of the Vision

Having described the circumstances in which he received it, John then related the vision itself.


IV.               The Christ of the Vision

  1. 1.     His Appearance

The vision of the risen Lord Jesus Christ is one of the most beautiful pictures in all of God's revelation.


2.      His Robe

A robe is seen as a symbol of character.


3.      His Golden Sash

The girdle was worn by those in authority, such as the High Priest, thus emphasizing Christ's authority and priestly role.


4.      His Head and Hair

There can be no doubt that the writer of this book sees the risen Lord Christ as the

Ancient of Days in the Old Testament.


5.      His Eyes

Whenever the church of Jesus Christ is not what it should be, we can be sure it arouses

His indignation.


6.      His Feet

The bronze speaks to us of judgment.


7.      His Voice

In that day, all other voices will be stilled by the deafening, empowering voice of the Son ofGod.


8.      His Right Hand

In His hand, He hold the messengers to the churches.


9.       His Mouth

There will be no defense against the spoken word of Christ in the Day of Judgment.


10.   His Face

The brilliance, luminescence. and Shekinah Glory of Christ is beyond description and comprehension.


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