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The Vision of Christ - Conclusion - The Revelation Series

Message by Worship Pastor

Anthony Counts

The Vision of Christ- Conclusion

The Revelation Series

Revelation 1:17-20

Introduction: Christ is so high above us that even in our exalted state, we will willingly prostrate ourselves before Him.

  • Presently, the world is so bold as to shake it’s fist in the face of God.
  • Even Christians sometimes live in arrogance and forget His awesome person and nature.


The presence of Christ in our world and in our lives demands our utmost respect and honor.

                        Anyone truly in touch with the Spirit of God instinctively bows in adoration to Jesus Christ.


The overwhelming vision John witnessed dramatically changed him. He experienced three things:

  1. I.                Anxiety (fear)

In Scripture, the kind of fear John demonstrated was common to those who experienced similar heavenly visions.


  • Men laugh at their own sins
  • They are even proud of their sinfulness.
  • The revel in their sins, and in essence, they mock God.


Those brought face to face with the glorified Christ will be terrified because they will see their own sinfulness so clearly.


  1. II.             Assurance

In 17b-18, we see three things:

  • Believers overwhelmed by the majesty and glory of Christ.
  • The glorified Christ reaching out in comfort and reassurance.
  • A demonstration of Christ’s abundant love and merciful forgiveness.


Please note that the comfort Jesus offered was based on who He was, not who John was.


We have nothing to fear, because this same Jesus has paid by His death the penalty of our sins, and He has risen to be our eternal advocate.


                  Knowing that Christ has authority over death provides assurance for believers.

So in Christ, we find that assurance from Him runs parallel with the reverential fear and awe that His majesty evokes in us.


  1. III.           Assignment

Now, He tells John to write:

  • The things you have seen
  • The things which are
  • The things which are to come

This three-fold command provides the outline for the Revelation, encompassing the past,

present, and future.

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