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The Road to Bethlehem: Joseph's Story

Sunday Morning Message by our Pastor Faron Golden

The Road to Bethlehem: Joseph’s Story

Matthew 1:18-25

What do you do when things don’t go according to your plan?

  1. We can plan, but God directs                          ISAIAH 46:9-11

 Proverbs 19:21,  Proverbs 16:9,                                              ISAIAH 14:24


  1. Since God directs, we should obey                                        LUKE 11:28 1

                         Samuel 15:22                                                 Luke 2:14 3.

  1. Continued obedience brings God's favor 2 JOHN 6

LUKE 2:21

Life Application

1) Think about plans you have

that have gone very differently than you anticipated.

2) Reflect on what God would have you do.  How does the plan you had relate to God’s direction for your life?

3) Pray, committing right now

to submit your plan to God’s rule.

4) Live daily, progressing forward in your submission to God and in trusting Him to work His will through you!

Message Truth:   Faithful Obedience brings God’s Favor

CHALLENGE:   Commit to Joseph-like  surrender to God’s rule in your life

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