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Our Salvation - No Greater Love

Morning Message by our Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

Our Salvation- No Greater Love- Part II

I Peter 1:13-17 

Introduction: Since no gift is greater than God’s gift of forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ, nothing can demand a greater response.

 Today, we consider another appropriate response to our salvation.

 The first was: (last weeks message)

  1. I.                  Respond with Hope

This hope is an obligatory act of the will, not merely an emotional feeling and not simply wishful thinking.

 II.               Respond with Holiness (14-16)

Christians ought to be different. Whether we like it or not, we have a responsibility when we profess Christ.

     We will never find comfort in living unholy lives from either God or His Word.

 These truths cause a constant tension in our lives:

  • On one hand we desire to be like Christ.
  • On the other hand, we find ourselves fighting constant spiritual battles.
  • Regeneration creates a new life that has both the desire and the power to live righteously.

 A.   A Description of Personal Holiness

Here we see 4 characteristics of personal holiness:

  1. 1.     You are set free from sin.
  2. 2.     You become slaves of God.
  3. 3.     You reap the benefit of holiness.
  4. 4.     You enjoy the promise of eternal life.

 While we cannot live sinless lives as God is sinless, nevertheless, a sinless life should be our goal.

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