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More Than Conquerors

Message by Pastor Anthony Counts

More Than Conquerors

Romans 8:31-39



There is no greater motivation for us to live victoriously than a clear understanding of God’s love and promises.


  1. I.                  Life’s Greatest Companion (26-31)

Almost everyone wants a companion

  • Every man needs a friend.


  1. II.               Life’s Greatest Blessing (32-34)

God continues to provide everything we need through His Son.

  • Through our faith we are never condemned
  • We are always justified.
  • We are justified because of the intercession of Christ Jesus on our behalf.


  1. III.           Life’s Greatest Promise (35-37)

The wonderful thing about God is that He has never broken a promise, nor has He ever made one He was unable to keep.

  • “More than conquerors” means we are proclaimed victor before the conflict even begins.
  • We are guaranteed victory through Him, but without Him there is no victory at all.


  1. IV.           Life’s Greatest Security (38-39)

This text can help you face everything that life and Satan throws at you with the unshaken confidence that God is with you and ultimately you are the victor.


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