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Loose in the Fire

Sunday Morning Message by our Pastor Faron Golden

"Loose in the Fire"

Daniel 3:24-30

Message Truth: Unrelenting faith brings unlimited freedom even in fiery trails

  1. The CAUSE of being in the fire.  Dan 1:1-8
  • The brokenness of sin impacts the whole nation. Rom 8:22-23
  • Sometimes we face trails because we live in a fallen society. Matt 5:45
  • Believers can face fiery trails even when they are doing their best to remain faithful to God. 1 Pet 4:12-14

         2. The COMMITMENT when faced with the fire. Dan 3:16

  • God demands and deserves our total allegiance. Exo 20:3
  • Either our faith determines our choice or our choice demonstrates our doubt. Prov 23:7
  • True faith does not fade even when faced with a fiery trail.  Heb 11:1

         3.  The CONSEQUENCE of fire-facing faith.  Dan 3:25

  • True friends face the fire with you. Dan 3:16-18
  • Jesus is the friend who is always with you.  Matt 28:20, Prov 18:24
  • True faith brings real freedom, even in the midst of fiery trials.  John 8:36

Challenge: Commit your life to worship only the One True God through Jesus Christ, His Son.


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