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Kingdom Thoughts - Can You Hear Me Now?

Sunday Morning Messgae by our pastor Stewart Young

Can You Hear Me Now?

Matthew 13:1-23

 Video link:  https://www.facebook.com/110129727283592/videos/234438188082107/

I. THE Pounded Heart.  v. 1-6, 18-21

    A. Past Actions.

    B. Familiarity.

    C. Disobedience.

 II. The Passive Heart.  v. 1-6, 18-21

    A. The Emotional Christian.

     B. The Intellectual Christian.

     C. The Volitional Christian.

 III. The Permissive Heart.  v. 7, 22

      A. Clamoring Learning.

      B. Competitive Loyalties.

        1. Worry

         2. Riches

         3. Pleasures

 IV. The Purposeful Heart.  v. 8-9, 18-23

      A. Receptivity     1 Kings 3:7-9

      B. Sincerity         

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