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How to keep your SHIP on course.

Sunday Morning Message by Pastor Russell Dean

“How To Keep Your Ship On Course”

1 Timothy 3: 14-15

-          “Jesus Only” to “Us Only”.

1.         Relation-ship

- People are important to God.

- What is the salvation of a person worth to you?

- Mother Teresa: Find somebody nobody loves and love them.

2.         Member-ship

- It was vital for first century Christians to take a stand and publicly identify themselves as being a follower of Christ.

3.         Partner-ship

- In the first century church, a striking feature of the early church was that every member of the church was seen as having a gift for service which was to be used cooperatively for the benefit of all.

- Romans 12:5-8

- Three Things to be for God:

            1. Available

            2. Teachable

            3. Durable

4.         Lord-ship

- Lordship begins with repentance.

- God gave an outline for revival: 2 Chronicles 7: 14-15

- How do you see yourself?




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