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God’s Kind of Love

Sunday Morning Message by Our Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

God’s Kind of Love

I John 2:7-11



To love both God and man is to fulfill the supreme requirements of the law of God.

 I.                  An Old Commandment


The “Love one another” concept had been taught throughout the Old Testament.


There is an inseparable link between real salvation and loving God, loving one’s neighbor, and loving our brothers and sisters in Christ.


 II.               A New Commandment


God’s kind of love is now new because the example of Christ and the empowerment of the Spirit.


  • At conversion the Holy Spirit takes up residence in our lives.


  • The Spirit then begins to produce the fruits of the Spirit in our lives.


 III.           A Sign of Light


The tendency in the local fellowship today is for some to consider themselves to be above others.


Children of the light will walk in the light and demonstrate the light by their love for others.


 IV.           A Way of Life


The message of verse 11 is very clear:


  • To fail to love a brother with God’s kind of love is “walking in darkness”.


  • For the true believer, love is more than a word, it must be a way of life.



Obedience to God’s command to love is a valid test of every believer’s genuineness

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