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Walking the Good Walk: Walk in the Light

Sunday Message by Our Pastor Stewart Young. 

Walking the Good Walk:  Walk in the Light

Ephesians 5:8-14

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 I. The Contrast: Darkness and Light.  v. 8a

   A. The Past Tense.    

    B. The Past Condition.

  II. The Conviction: Live It.  v. 8b-10

   A. The Certaintyv. 8b 

   B. The Challengev. 9

     1. Goodness

     2. Righteousness

     3. Truth

    C. The Chasev. 10

 III. The Call: Expose and Express.  v. 11-14

    A. Expose the Darkness.  v. 11-12

    B. Express the Light.  v. 13-14

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