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For What are You Looking?

Sunday Morning Message by Pastor Russell Dean

 “For What Are You Looking?

(note: attempt to be grammatically correct)

Matthew 2: 1-2


Four Groups of Seekers. 

1.       For What Were The Wise Men Looking?


(Put on screen) ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ  (Note: No “L” on purpose)


                Did you come: out of      habit…

                                                                to see…

                                                                to be seen…

                                                                to worship?


2.       For What Was Herod Looking?

Matthew 2:3-8


Are you a modern day Herod?

Do you: (1) refuse to surrender control of your life to Jesus?

                (2) only pretend to worship Jesus?  Matthew 2:8

Matthew 15:8


3.       For What Was John The Baptist Looking?

Matthew 11: 4-6


JTB was looking for the Messiah.


4.       For What Were The Shepherds Looking?

Humble people are those who feel unworthy of any blessing or honor bestowed upon them.

Luke 2:10-14

Luke 2:15-18


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SAVIOR?  If you don’t have one you need one…the only One, Jesus!

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