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Biblical Basis For Missions

Sunday Morning Message by our Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

"Biblical Basis For Missions"

Matthew 28:19-20-Acts 5:20-42


Acts 1:8

  I. The "Why" of Missions 

          A. God Word Commands It (Acts 5:20)

Obeying the voice of God's Spirit and the instruction of God's Word is always right!!

          B. Jesus' Sacrifice Requires It (Acts 5:29-32)    

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus turned Peter, the coward, into Peter the bold.

II. The "Where" of Missions

          A. The Thoroughfares of Society (Acts 5:20-21)

A faith that is only shared at the church will do little for growing God's kingdom and seeing the lost world saved.

          B. The Communities of the World (Acts 5:42)

We must not neglect our neighborhoods, communities, county, and beyond.


III. The "When" of Missions

          A. They Were to do Missions Immediately (Acts 5:21)

We are to share immediately, spontaneously, wherever we are, whenever we can.

          B. They Were to do Missions Continually (Acts 5:42)

This means missions yesterday, missions today, missions tomorrow, missions every day, always, until Jesus comes again.


IV. The "Word" of Missions

          A. The New Life in Christ (Acts 5:20)

                    What is our word of Missions today?

-It is our personal testimony of the work of Christ in our lives…

          B. The Good News of Christ (Acts 5:42)

Most of us do not experience the full meaning of this new life, nor do we fully appreciate the "good news" of our walk with Jesus.


 V. The "Wherefore" of Missions

          A. The Fruit of Missions(Acts 5:14-16, 28)

Peter and the apostles were experiencing a fruitful Christianity- People were being touched and changed by the power of God.

          B. The Cost of Missions (Acts 5:17-18, 26-27, 33-41)

                    The apostle's experienced:

  • Threat's from the opposition
  • Protection from the Lord
  • Persecution in the flesh

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